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Friday, 17 July 2009 05:00
Final Push for the Playoffs Continues

Two more playoff spots secured (Wildies and Monday Night 40's) and the Belly Itchers clinch the National league Division title with a win against the Loose Nuts. Almost every game on the schedule for the final week has strong playoff implications. The playoff seeding should come down the wire and should be full of drama, excitement and disappointment for a select few.

American League:

The American league story continues to unvail itself with 1 team secured and 3 teams still remain hopeful of making the playoffs. The remaining 7 games on the Industrails schedule will directly effect the outcome of the AL Standings. When the dust settles Monday night, we'll have your 2009 American Playoff teams.

Wildebeest: Clinched their playoff berth Monday with two wins against the Wonders. Their magic number for the #1 seed is 2 games.

Snowsuit and Icey Road: Dropped 2 of 3 games against the Fightin' Roo's. Must secure 1 win in the final week to clinch their playoff seed. They may end up in either the 2 or the 3 seat depending on how the Industrials finish out.

Industrials: Coming off a sweep of the Lemons, the Indies streak into the long weekend of games; Saturday, 2 games vs. Wonders. Sunday, 2 games vs. Monday Night 40's, and 3 games Monday vs. Fightin' Roo's. Depending on how they finish, they could possibly force a 1st place tie. To make the playoffs, they will have to beat the Roo's. Wether they have to win 1 or 3 games vs. the Roo's really depends on what happens over the weekend.

Fightin’ Roo’s: Nothing is better then having direct input on your playoff hopes. They don't have to hope for other teams to lose, they just need to win against the Industrails on Monday. Even if the Indies win all 4 games this weekend, with a 3 game sweep of the Indies on Monday, they will force a tie for 3rd and will edge the Indies with the regular season series tie breaker.

National League:

Only one playoff slot remains available and two teams remain in the quest to secure it. The Diablos and Lemons will continue their battle for the final playoff slot while the Diablos continue to keep the pressure on the Monday Night 40s for the #2 seed with homefield advantage.

Belly Itchers:  Clinched the National League Division.

Monday Night 40’s: Secured their first playoff appearence with 2 wins against the Weasels. The Diablos still remain hot on their tail, only 1 game back for the #2 seed. If they get swept over the weekend they could end up heading into the final week with a 2nd place tie. Should a 2nd place tie present itself, they hold the regular season series tie breaker over the Diablos.

Diablos: 2 more wins coupled with 2 losses to the Lemons put the Diablos in a great position to secure a 2009 Playoff slot. They have 2 makeup games ahead versus the Chuckers. Those games scheduled to be made up on 7/24. We could possibly have to wait until then to see how this unfolds. Their magic number to secure the final spot is 3.

Lemons: The Lemons needed a couple big wins against the Industrials to keep the pressure on Diablos, but a sweep has put them 2 games back of the final playoff spot. With only 2 remaining games on their regular season schedule, they will have to find, play and win some extra games in order to try to force a 3rd place tie. Should a tie present itself, there will need to be a playoff game to determine the winner.

Tom Sellick Festival of Competition:
The Gentlemen: With a split with the Chuckers in week 11, the Gentlemen are on the cusp of being eliminated from the playoffs. Will probably end up in 5th, thus landing them the #2 seed in the T.S.F.C.

The Cure: Withdraws from the T.S.F.C.

Loose Nuts: With the withdraw of the Cure, the Loose Nuts secure their spot in the upcoming postseason.

The Weasels: Secure the #2 seed in the T.S.F.C.

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