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Written by Jacques Rimmier   
Thursday, 17 July 2008 05:00
Crème de la crème with Jacques Rimmier: 08' All Rookie Team!

Bonjour from across the pond (ok, it is just the Kalamazoo River). It’s me, Jacques; here once again to praise and possibly offend. Now that the Playoffs are looming, this Fancy Frenchman would like to hand out some hardware to the youngster that have made me happy in the loins all season.

Here it is for the 1st time in KWL history (I feel like Darwin making his first theory)! Let‘s begin before I have to get up for another refill of my tasty Franzia. I introduce, Jacques's first All Rookie squad!

Ace: Sir Adam Nash- This lil kiddy has been close to untouchable all year. “The Trashman” has been dishing out K’s just like my Grams with the Baked Beans at a family reunion. He has a great upside (and a backside) that will make all teams weary about returning about next season. With a speedy fastball and the efforts of attempting to find a change-up, my ‘Nashty’ apprentice will make your stats go down faster than a homeless person with a hungry mouth, at the downtown Marathon! Adam don’t worry I am here to stay especially since your recent altercation with the Drama Llama.

Number 2: Evan Visuri- Besides that he has now gone AWOL, this lad had been impressive with his array of pitches. Jacques has been reluctant to accept that I will not be seeing his pinchable face for the rest of the season but I will forgive. (Word on the street is that a horrible case of diarrhea is what sent him running back to the ‘rents.) An obvious All-Star, who shined as bright as Polaris in that showcase game. I tip my beret to you, pal. Next season?

AC/DC: Josh Little- This Rocker has rolled his team right into the middle of a Playoff race. When considering what this pony brings to the table on both sides of the field (hence AC/DC) his team should be feeling pretty good about their leader. The most commendable part of his game and the whole team’s, is that they understand how to participate the ‘right’ way! He has the skills to be a force with either is bulky arm or his tremendous stick.

All State: Ben Gladsyz- You know…… “In good hands with All-State”. His mitts are stickier than a vat of Elmer’s Glue. Plays with a certain ease and gracefulness that make Jacques feel like he must be trying too hard. Not that anyone on his team lacks speed but Benny makes them look like they are playing in slo-motion. His bat is far some shabby also. My personal theory is that he and Mr. Jennings are related or at the least from the same High School!

Lefty Grove: Josh Sobeck- On a team where everyone fields well it is saying something when they demand that you play in left. Most of his power hitting and his quickness must be directly linked to his enormous, chiseled calves! The sheer sight of them makes Jacques quite jealous, even to the point where I want to spit in your general direction. The Beckster also swings a mean stick, might even be one of the top fundamental, power cuts in the KWL.

Honorable Mentions: Le Femme Fatale- Kristy Stratton ,
                                    Mini Man- Paris Ward , and Singapore Sling- Tony Leveque

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