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Written by Travis Branch   
Tuesday, 22 June 2010 11:42
T-Banch's Ten Little Thingies. Reasons to attend Allstar Saturday.

Unless you have been living under a rock or you have an extra set of chromosomes, you would know that the KWL Allstar and Funstar games are this weekend. I will give you 10 reasons why you must go.

1. Free hotdogs.  Need I say more? This is the sole reason many people even attend this event (I'll go anywhere for free hot dogs!).
2. Daryl’s  color commentary. It’s a lot like that season of Monday night football when Dennis Miller was a commentator. The only differences are, that this is wiffleball  and Dennis Miller is funny.
3. The KWLs’s best. The best players in the KWL will be in action, showing off some of the best wiffle talent in the nation.  If you enjoy good wiffleball, this is a can’t miss.
4. Half naked men. Mix hot weather with a little too much guy love and you will get last year’s result. No one knows what will happen this year; we just know it will be sweaty.
5. The fans.  Last year we had over 60 people attending, making it the biggest event all year. The size of the crowd adds pressure to the players, bringing out the best (or worst) in them.
6. The Homerun Derby.  Chicks dig the long ball. The finest ladies in Kalamazoo show up just to watch these “home run heartthrobs”.
7. The after party.  Last year folks stayed well after dark and just had fun. Everyone who stayed had a great time.
8. KWL  groupies.  They do exist. They are actually here for the free hotdogs, because they are comfortable eating them and  a hot meal is usually out of the question for them.
9. It’s  Summer.  The first official weekend of the season and I can’t imagine a better way to spend it.
10. The streak.  Mike downs has Homered in the past three Allstar games. Can he keep it alive and go for four years straight?

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