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Written by Brian Meyers   
Monday, 23 August 2010 19:46
2010 Fall Simulated Draft.
8/23/10 by Brian Meyers

A very successful FallBall season in 2009, has brought a return of the same format! Four Captains will draft their teams Tuesday night; Mason Everett, Brian Lewis, Zac Adams and Ryan Davis. The Rules are set, but the draft order is still yet to be determined!

I thought it might be fun to give everyone a little taste of what I think this fall's draft order might look like! So without any further ado, here are is my Simulated Draft!
1.) No bust #1. Throwing his hat back into the MVP discussion in the 2010 season, Adam is surely at the top of this draft class. He could slide to #2, but will put up #1 numbers this fall.
2.) John Liberty
3.) First Round Money. A rockin' oh-10 postseason should net Benny a first round pay check.

4.) Lukas Pederson

5.) Lightining in a Bottle. This is a safe pick, but could have lots of upside. Kyle has been a dominate force on the mound in the KWL, but has a very streaky bat. If his bat gets on the move, he could put up some big numbers.
6.) The Safe Pick. Barber has been a staple in the KWL and is coming off his first Allstar season. Good team player, good person to be around.
7.) Brandon Labadie
8.) Andrew Werthman
9.) Rubber-band arm. Pat can throw the long innings needed and be very effective. He has averaged 43 Innings Pitched over 4 seasons in the KWL.
10.) Matt Zobal
11.) Matt Jennings.
12.) Travis Branch
13.) High Risk, High Reward. If Jeremy slips this far down in the Draft, he'll be a good pick. He could go higher in the Draft, if that is the case it will certainly become a high risk, high reward situation.
14.) Eric Grimm
15.) Corey Henderson
16.) Marcus Kole
17.) Haden Berube
18.) Matt Fagerman 
19.) Daryl Hutson
20.) Paybacks. Here's your chance to pay Amber back for spending much of her summer behind a camera taking the lovely pictures you guys use on your Facebook profiles! Keep her out of the last round, it's the least you could do!
21.) Brian Rockwell
22.) Good Value. Ryan will most likely be the under-rated, good value pick of this draft.
23.) Mitch Dougherty
24.) Kirk Schaaf

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