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Written by Kzoo Wiffs   
Tuesday, 25 January 2011 15:22
M.Downs AJ Tate A.VanVorst R.Allen E.VanVorst E.Yoder
Scouting Report

The Good:
The 3-Time Defending Champions have proven the team to beat in the KWL. Their fast pasted style has left many confused and bewildered. Despite the teams success, they still an enjoyable friendly group to play and carry a very laid back attitude. Regardless of the roster moves, any team with Downs and AJ still on the depth chart will be a formidable one.

The Bad:
Now carrying 3 rookies on the roster, the Itchers will spend some time getting the new guys feet wet. They most likely will drop some games here in the there while getting the new roster used to the fast past KWL style.

The Ugly:
Although the team has always brought in utility players to fill out their roster, they have never won a championship without one of the key four; Downs, Tate, Eric VonVorst and Adam Bontrager.

The F-Ugly:
With Bontrager's departure, the team lost arguably it's most well rounded player. Filling the void that Adam left could bring the Itcher Reign to an end.

Franchise History
Year Founded: 2007
All-time Record:
77-24, .762 win%
Playoff Record: 19-7, .730 win%
Division Titles: 2; '07, '09
Championships: 3; '07, '08, '09
Playoff Berths: 4
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