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Written by Kzoo Wiffs   
Tuesday, 25 January 2011 15:27
B. Jennings T. Pedrolini S. Wielenga K. Hess D. Meach
Scouting Report

The Good:
Returning unchanged from the 2009 season, the Gentlemen will be looking for a Playoff berth instead of a Tom Sellick Championship. The team is built around arguably the best player in the KWL; Bryan Jennings. The Gents have always been known for their strong defense and will take away many opponents attempts at base hits and homeruns on a nightly basis.

The Bad:
As goes Jennings, so go the Gentlemen. In 2009, Bryan suffered an elbow injury that certainly cost the Gentlemen any chance of a playoff spot. The jury is still out on the strength of said elbow, which can make or break the 2010 season.

The Ugly:
Without Jennings being able to handle a bulk load of innings, Dan Meach and Scott Wielenga are going to be forced to pick up the slack. Both have limited if any pitching experience. The 3-man rotation will certainly put the Gents in matchup problems.

The F-Ugly:
It is rumored that a couple of members of the Gentlemen do not wash their jerseys until the end of the season!

Franchise History
Year Founded: 2007
All-time Record:
50-22, .694 win%
Playoff Record: 7-8, .467 win%
Division Titles: 2
Championships: 0
Playoff Berths: 2
TSFC Championship: 1; '09
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