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Written by Kzoo Wiffs   
Tuesday, 25 January 2011 15:38
L. Pederson C. Henderson M. Brink J. Gumpper M. Jennings J. Little
Scouting Report

The Good:
The core of '09 playoff team Snowsuit & the Icy Road returns for the Oh-10 season. This includes three '09 all-stars, the reigning Yellow Slugger (Pederson) and last season's Rookie of the Year (Brink). The Icy Road also welcomes newcomer John Gumpper and returning star Josh Little to their 2010 lineup. Gumpper showed some clutch ability in his only appearance of '09 with a walk-off homer; and the last time we saw Little in the KWL, he was blasting homers and putting his name in the record books with one of the highest run totals and OBP in league history. If that's not enough, word on the street is that Corey was in his basement all winter with a strike board and a pitching machine. Look for him to be the early front-runner for KWL most improved. 

The Bad:
Last season, Snowsuit could be a bit one-dimensional offensively, with most of the RBIs coming from long balls off the bats of Lukas and Mel. Obviously, chicks dug this, but it also played a part in a number of run-producing droughts and a few losses that shouldn't have been.

The Ugly:
Pitching was a weakness for SIR last year in the post-season, where three pitchers were required. With this year's three-man rotation rules, this issue has been brought to the forefront. Little showed dominance at times in '08, but had elbow problems down the stretch. Both Lukas and Corey have been throwing, but only time will tell if one of them can develop into a reliable option. As the season unfolds, we are sure to see whether this team will be able to compete or if they'll have to chalk up a loss every three games. 

The F-ugly:
The bad news is that Josh Little won't be suiting up for SIR until week 6, as he currently still lives in Colorado. The worse news is that the first 5 weeks include the likes of the Industrials, the Friars, and the Lemons. The first real test for this team after Little's return won't be until week 10 when they face the Gentlemen.

Franchise History
Year Founded: 2008
All-time Record:
29-17, .630 win%
Playoff Record: 1-4, .250 win%
Division Titles: 0
Championships: 0
Playoff Berths: 2
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