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Written by Brian Meyers   
Friday, 29 April 2011 11:18
Pitch-Out: Ryan Winfield by Brian Meyers 4/29/2011

At the beginning of each season I make a list of possible Pitch-Out victims (er, candidates, yah that sounds better) and try to get interviews set up for this highly under-rated column that has been a staple of this league for five years now!  Normally, a success rate of around 33% is pretty accurate.  Scheduling conflicts, fear of being picked on or just lack of interest seems be the norm.  But when I contacted Mr. Winfield, he quickly made himself available (really what does he have going on besides school anyways?)

Little is actually known about Ryan as many things remain a tightly kept secret (joke censored for Ryan’s Mom).  So, let’s stick to the basics and make stuff up where it may be needed!

Ryan grew up just outside of Kalamazoo in Gobles Michigan (what many refer to as Kzoo’s arm pit).  A town with a population of 815, 325 of which he is related to in one way or another.  As a young kid, Ryan spent his summers trying to coax the neighborhood kids into forming their own version of the WWF (Wrestling, not Wildlife) and even developed his own character; “Ryan the Suppa Shocka”.  After spending the next two hours listening to him talk about Wrestling and showing me pictures of his outfit design, we were able to move on.

Back in reality, Ryan is a late blooming College student perusing a degree in Radiology.  He’s recently engaged to long time Girlfriend and former Sittin’ Duck Lyndsey Underwood and will be getting married at the end of this summer.  Trivia question: What does Weddings, Babies and Herpes have in common?  If you answered, they all ruin your wiffleball season, you are correct!

Ryan joined the league in 2010 and quickly began getting involved in the operations of the league.  Last season he started to pen a column called the Wiffle Effect and won the 2010 NWLA Columnist of the Year award.  But it doesn’t stop there!  Ryan takes photos on Monday nights, helps with field maintenance when needed and now is starting to dabble in KWL videos! 


Favorite Band(s)?
311, Gomez, Carbon Leaf, Barefoot Truth, OAR

How come you can kill a deer and put it up on your wall. but it's illegal to keep one as a pet?
Two words; Deer AIDS!

What is your most memorable moment from the KWL?
Hitting a homer off of Detmore that hit the top of the trees in left field at township.

What MLB player would you like to challenge to wiffleball?
Miguel Cabrera. He’d fit right in to the open alcohol atmosphere at KWL.

What else do you do for fun besides wiffleball?
Watch sports and WWE wrestling!

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