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Written by Brian Meyers   
Wednesday, 18 May 2011 12:20


Friars ready for Buerger? by Brian Meyers 5/18/2011

Shallow liner hit to right field, in swoops Chris with a beer in his left hand.  Being careful not to spill the goods, he awkwardly reaches out to make a one handed grab to end the inning and strand the runners on base. Marszalek, who was toeing the rubber, shakes his head from side to side in a very “are you serious” matter. 

And just like that, Perennial FunStar Chris Buerger made his first appearance of 2011 on Tuesday night against the 5 Dollar Pitchers.  The Friars went on to secure the sweep and keep their undefeated season alive, but with Chris came a new atmosphere and a much different feel!  This very example causes one question to arise; Are the Friars ready for Buerger’s return?

When you play the Friars, there are two very different environments with and without Buerger.  Without, they are a laid back but serious group.  They focus on winning and no one on the roster would be confused with being a potential FunStar.  With Chris comes endless amounts of chatter and the team often float in between taking it seriously and not being able to.  

Chris is not your standard FunStar.  He often skates the line between being funny and being offensive.  He specializes in getting under people’s skin with his comments, but that is not limited to his opponents! His teammates are often the majority target.

“Hey Benny, what’s up with those socks? You are the worst dressed person I’ve ever met!” Chris yelled at his teammate Gladysz as he attempted to get a hit in a close game.  Most of the fans taking in the game laughed as he chastised Benny through his whole at bat and while he was running to first.  Entertaining? Yes.  Hard to focus if you are the on the receiving end? Definitely! (see 2:19-2:41 in this week's outtake video).

Regardless  the score of the game, the comments continue. For this reason alone, no one was surprised when Buerg was a no show in last season’s Township

Series. It’s unconfirmed how many games Chris will end up making this season, but only time can tell if he helps or hurts their chances for a second title.

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