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Written by Brian Meyers   
Monday, 06 June 2011 11:32
Pitch-Out: Mason Everett by Brian Meyers 6/6/2011

Following a detour around Sprinkle Road, I came across an old faded billboard sign that barely still read “Comstock, Hometown of Mason Everett”.  Despite the ivy and overgrown brush (haha, I said Bush), Mason still stands tall in hometown fame and that’s the reason why he had to be the next person I insulted for the Pitch-Out!

Mason (M.E.) is known around the league for his promotional gimmicks and ideas.  But this is not something new!   At the ripe age of 11 years old, Mace began to use his marketing skills.  He was running for 5th grade Student Council President.  During his campaign for the presidency, he made the largest and most colorful signs.  His “Mason

makes it cool to pee the pants” signs were placed in strategic locations including above the drinking fountains and near the lunch line.  Success in his first marketing attempt turned those undecided bed wetting voters into a campaign victory!

But it didn’t stop there!  As Mason hit High School, he stated to market his services in trade for Little Debbie’s and lunch money!  He offered photo rendering that normally consisted of placing heads of people they knew on celebrity bodies.  At the time, Pamela Anderson was a popular request. This was the humble beginnings of CreativeMace.com.

During his senior year, Mason was voted “Most Likable” by his classmates and he also won the “Optimist of the Year” award from the Optimist Club of Kalamazoo.  Outside of his normal hustle, he also held two baseball hitting records for 1 year; Single Season and Career Homerun leader.

M.E. joined the KWL in 2009 and has since become our league’s “Most likable” person.  For two seasons he was the captain of the Monday Night 40’s and now the captain of the Golden Ponyboys, both of which are fan favorites.  On the field he has made two AllStar appearances and won Rookie of the Year honors in 2009.  Off the field, Mace is a member of the League Committee, he designs logos, writes articles and this year will be the NL AllStar Captain.


Memorable moment from childhood?
Earliest memory was a birthday party at Showbiz Pizza. You could count my age on one hand. I walked up to the stage and peaked through the curtain to see a giant gorilla behind a keyboard that scared the shit out of me. Not literally, but probably pretty close.

Favorite Band(s)?
A tie between Lukas Pederson and Katy Perry

If you could meet one celebrity, who would it be and why?
Mark Cuban – I've idolized him for the past decade. The guy has it all and has done it all.

Who’s if your favorite KWL Ginger and why?
Grimm. Any guy that will ask me to sing The Proclaimers or 4 Non Blondes with him is a great guy to know.

What is your most memorable moment from the KWL?
When former 40s player, Eric Stewart, hit a bottom of the 6th 2-out grand slam to win the game against the Wildies. Rain was coming down and I was on base thinking we're toast. Then Estew sent a blast that damn near hit the infamous Taco Bell bag from 2009. We all jumped around the bases like we had just won a world championship, chest pounding and hugging at home plate.

Other interests or activities?
My 5 B's – baseball, beaches, burritos, beer, and bitches

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