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Written by Brian Meyers   
Monday, 11 July 2011 13:35
Final Playoff Push! by Brian Meyers 7/11/2011

The American League playoff chase currently has 5 teams vowing for the 4 spots; Flyers, Frairs, Industrials, Chuckers and Gentlemen, while the National league has 7; Itchers, Waterfalls, Pitchers, Hitless, Ponyboys, Diablos and Lemons. As the final three weeks of the schedule shifts to mostly divisional match-ups, teams can either take control or find themselves falling back into the Selleck.  But in order to help keep you in the know, here is a breakdown of the scenarios for the final weeks!

First we will start in the American League:

Pf Flyers – The Flyers have finally overtaken the Indies for the North division as well as the #1 seed, but could certainly use some more losses from the Friars and Indies to secure it.  The dark smudge remaining for the Flyers is final week games against the red hot 18-4 Itchers!

Remaining games: Ducks, Posse, Itchers. 
Tie breakers held: #1 Seed over Friars
Magic number: 2

Friars – Perched at the top of the AL South since the first week of the season, the Friars appear to be on their way to a second consecutive division title.  A comfortable 4 game lead separates them from the Chuckers with eight games to play.  It’s doubtful that the Friars will make any sort of special push for the over-rated #1 seed and likely will be happy coasting into this year’s playoffs.

Remaining games: Waterfalls, No Big Deal, Chuckers, Diablos
Tie breakers held: Division over Chuckers and Gentlemen
Magic number: 4

Industrials – After a horrid past three weeks (1-5 overall), the Indies still appear to be playoff bound for the 6th straight season.  The amazing part, they still have a good shot at the #1 seed and North division if they can win out and get a little help from the Waterfalls (playing Friars) and Itchers (playing Flyers).

Remaining games: Posse (3), Ducks, Lemons
Tie breakers held: Division over Flyers (currently), #1 seed over Flyers (currently) and Friars, and Wild card over Chuckers
Magic number: 3

Gentlemen – Although they are 3rd in the AL South, they are importantly a game ahead of the Chuckers in the loss column.  If they can win out, they can bounce the Chuckers back to the Selleck.  Tonight’s games head to head will pivotal for Gentlemen’s playoff chances.

Remaining games: Chuckers, Hitless, No Big Deal (4), Ducks
Magic Number: 10

Chuckers – Raise your hand if you thought we would be taking about the Chuckers in the playoff chase, no one? Well don’t feel bad, cause they have shocked everyone this season.  The Chuckers currently sit in 2nd place in the AL South and have a 1 game lead over the Gentlemen for the final playoff spot.  Tonight they defend that 1 game lead, as they take on the Gentlemen in this week’s GOTW!

Remaining games: Gentlemen, Sidewinders, Friars

Now over to the crowded National League!

Belly Itchers – With a win tonight or a Diablos loss, the Itchers will be the first team to punch a ticket into this year’s playoffs.  Currently sitting with a league best 18-4 record, they will need 2 wins to secure the NL #1 Seed. Their remaining 6 games will be against a combined 38-24 record.

Remaining games: Pitchers, Diablos, Flyers
Tie Breakers held: #1 Seed over Waterfalls.
Magic number: 1

Kentucky Waterfalls – Coasting along in the lead of the NL South, the Waterfalls will get their biggest test in three weeks to come.  There is a good chance that Rensch will win his last two starts, so worst case scenario for them would be going 2-4.  They are going to have to win some games without Rensch pitching regardless of if its now or in the playoffs!

Remaining games: Friars, Ponyboys, Hitless
Magic number: 5

5 Dollar Pitchers – Currently sitting in the #3 seed, the Pitchers have eight games remaining, as they hope to fend off mob squad trailing behind them; Diablos, Lemons, Ponyboys and Hitless in order to secure their franchises first ever playoff spot!

Remaining games: Itchers, Lemons, Diablos, Posse
Tie Breakers held: Wild card over Lemons
Magic number: 7

Diablos – A one game edge for the last wild card spot, the Diablos have really struggled over their last ten games going 3-7.  During that skid, they have fallen in the standings while the Ponyboys and Hitless have gained some ground. Every game remaining for the Diablos is do or die if they want any chance to defend their NL crown!

Remaining games: Lemons, Itchers, Pitchers, Friars
Tie Breakers held: Wild card over Lemons
Magic number: 8

Golden Ponyboys – After getting back to .500, the Ponyboys look to have an outside chance to make the playoffs with three weeks remaining.  They will have an opportunity to take a stab at the division next week when they take on the Waterfalls in their final meeting this season, but if they don’t win out, they could bump Hitless into the playoffs.

Remaining games: No Big Deal, Waterfalls, Sidewinders

The Scared Hitless – We saw first hand last season when Hitless pulled off what many thought would be the impossible to force a 1-game play in versus the Itchers.  Can Hitless drum up some of the magic and do it again?   Two big series remain, but the a huge opportunity lies ahead in the final week, when the Waterfalls come knocking with Rensch not scheduled to pitch!

Remaining games: Sidewinders, Gentlemen, Waterfalls

Lemons – After their terrible start, it’s something to even be in position to be mentioned in this article.  Unfortunately for the Lemons the road to the playoffs requires passing the Diablos in the standings and than keeping a better record than both Hitless and Ponyboys. Chances are, the Lemons will get a chance to become the first ever 2-time Selleck winner.

Remaining games: Diablos, Pitchers, Indies, Sidewinders

Tie Breaker info:
For #1 Seed: Series against, Division title, record against their league, run differential.
For Division: Series against, record against their own division, record against their league, run differential.
For Wildcard: Series against

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