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Written by Kzoo Wiffs   
Tuesday, 22 May 2012 15:19
E. Grimm D. Hebner A.Werthman J. Knecht K.Marlowe
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The Good:
An extremely likable group which also extends to the friendliness of their fans! Often compared to the Chicago Cubs because of their sub-par sound system (Grimm's Boombox), affinity for cheap beer (Bud light) and their fans being more interested in the party then the game! An underdog that many throughout the league root for on a weekly basis! Added bonus for getting to play the Lemons 4 times!

The Bad:
Team moral was a roller coaster ride filled with many up's (beating the Belly Itchers) and down's (losing to Sidewinders) in 2010. Can Grimm hold the crew together and get them on an even keel?

The Ugly:
Despite having a roster made up of good talent, they finished with only 4 wins in 2010. Always pegged for success, although it has not really translated onto the field. One player nailed it on the head when he said "They just can't seem to get out of their own way".

The F-Ugly:
Werty's sunglasses, Dan's dancing and second hand smoke inhilation!

Franchise History  
Year Founded: 2009
All-time Record: 11-41, .216 win%
Playoff Record: 0-0, .000 win%
Division Titles: 0
Championships: 0
Playoff Berths: 0
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