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Written by Kzoo Wiffs   
Tuesday, 22 May 2012 15:21
J.Noel J.Detamore A.Ross T.Leaym A.Nash
Scouting Report

The Good:
Nash appeared to be the missing piece as the Diablos took their game to a new level, now as the reigning NL Champions. The trip to the Township Series only adds to the excessive surplus of experience this team has. A very well balanced offensive attack, good fielding and timely pitching has these devils in the leagues elite.

The Bad:
Jim's old bones are starting to make him consider cutting back on how many games he plays in. As one of the team’s most productive hitters, this could hurt the Diablos offense substantially.

The Ugly:
As the roster sits, Tim is left to pickup and innings Ross, Nash or Detamore can't cover. Although he has been a good serviceable pitcher, it's going to be tough for him to get past the top teams with big hitters.

The F-Ugly:
By knocking the Belly Itchers out in the first round last season, Downs has opening claimed to return the favor with 'vengeance'. The Diablos will be heavily gunned for in the NL.

Franchise History
Year Founded: 2007
All-time Record:
54-43, .493 win%
Playoff Record: 6-7, .000 win%
Division Titles: 1
Championships: 0
Playoff Berths: 2
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