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Written by Brian Lewis   
Monday, 06 May 2013 18:48

Noteworthy Happenings of Week 1! by Brian Lewis 5/6/2013

The noteworthy news of week 1 has to be the multitude of long games and the potential impact on pitching rotations deeper into the season.   In this opening week 4 games went into extra innings.

The Chuckers and Sandlot are currently still tied in Game 2 after 10 innings.  The Friars and Waterfalls went on a 12 inning early May marathon.  And for the 5DPs and Belly Itchers it took 8 innings to finish EACH game!

With a 56 inning season limit for each pitcher teams may be forced to go to a 4th or 5th player to supplement parts or all of upcoming games if they want to keep their aces available down the stretch.

Star pitchers Brian Rensch and Melissa Brink have already used over 20% of their inning limit so National League teams may be able to snake a game from the Waterfalls or Friars if Ryan Davis or Marsz have to get creative adjusting their rotations.

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