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Written by Brian Lewis   
Friday, 12 July 2013 15:04

First Half Recap by Brian Lewis

Well we’ve done it. We’ve spent another wonderful 8 weeks of our lives playing wiffleball. Spring is gone and with the beginning of summer here we start to move into the gritty part of the season where every win is tough and every hit is important.

The first part of the 2013 season gave us many memorable moments. Here are some glimpses of the happenings during these first 8 weeks.

· Diablos and Scared Hitless each started out 15 – 1.

· Cecil Fielder signed as a mascot for Hauses and Bosses.

· Pleasant weather made the fields play very true which helped strong defensive teams pull out close games.

· Lots of extra inning games left 8 pitchers who will have to be careful down the stretch.

· AL won the All-Star game in walk-off fashion.

· 4 teams ranked in the top 50 nationally.

· Previously dominant pitchers feeling very beat up this season.

After 8 weeks here are the teams that are in the playoff picture.

Division leaders:

· Glory Days

· Wiff This

· Scared Hitless

· Diablos

Wild Cards

· 5 Dollar Pitchers

· Sandlot

Bubble Teams

· Industrials

· Shanghai Chuckers

· PF Flyers

· Friars

As is the normal for the KWL, the first half of the season was the settling in and feeling out period. The last 6 weeks will be about close games and keeping an eye on pitching rotations. The top teams will save innings and manufacture runs when they can. We had lots of good times in the first half but I’m wagering the second half of the season will bring the real highlights

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