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Written by Josh Rhoton   
Thursday, 09 July 2015 17:26

All this talk about all this wiffle is great. It really is. It’s a kid’s game that we turned competitive and most of us can’t get enough of it. Needing to come up with a 2nd topic to talk about for the NWLA tournaments got me to looking at what everybody else had wrote. Minnesota actually stole my idea for an article comparing wiffle to wrestling. There is one item that people aren’t writing about at all and I noticed it and I’m jumping on it. Life outside of wiffle. Yea I know boring right, I don’t care. I can barely count to 2 most days (even though I am a banker) let alone try to write 2 article fresh out the noggin’. So let’s take a look at the KWL in a different light, not as wiffleballers, but as people.


Brian Lewis- MPI Research

Lewis is the new head honcho of the KWL. His hair is as red and beautiful as a Lake Michigan sunset and he has 3 kids, 1 of which is still pretty brand new. He works for a company that keeps drugs safe for you, me, and all the little red headed kids in the world. There, from what I get, he tells people what to do all day and works on KWL stuff. Not a bad gig eh. He got us all hooked on drinking our beer with a pickle in it, he wears flip flops and enjoys the fine acoustic singing of Celin Deon. All in all, not a bad dude.


Zach Millbourne- Spirits/Booze

People thought that I talk too much? They haven’t met this kid. I have no idea what he does for a living or in his free time but I would bet that it consists of him talking to himself plenty. He lives somewhere other than Kzoo and drives a ways each week to his games. Has a gf that lives in Texas or something and he isn’t staying with the team in Ohio. Moving on!


Mike Hogan- Insurance

It’s in the name, the dude sells insurance for the family business. His stare could scare a liger. Dude is the most intense in the KWL. He hails from Vicksburg MI, which might represent the most players in the league. No kids, just a gf. Pretty much living the dream.


Jordan Buckallew- Banker

Another Vicksburg MI product Jordan played college football at Hope College and then college baseball for Lake Michigan College. He is a banker as well as a few other players and got in to the industry thanks to another KWLer. Big news on Jordan is that he is getting married next year some time and is looking at maybe buying a house. So there ya go.




Kevin Marzselak- Banker 

Yep..banker. I don’t know exactly what he does for PNC but it entails dealing with large accounts, some of which are held by sports teams. Kev is from the Chicago area and loves most of the teams from there but somehow he’s an Indians fan. Big sports history nut as well. Played soccer at Western Michigan University and never went back. Currently residing in Plainwell MI.


David Ayres- Electrician

Another guy that works in the family business is Ol Dave Ayres. A father of two himself and the resident stat nerd of the KWL. Dave is a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a degree is something other than electrician stuff. Dave is also a big WWE and Michigan fan. Fun stat on Ayres is that he is currently in the top 5 all time for most cuss words said on the wiffleball field.


Josh Rhoton- Banker

Married for 2 years now. I will be a father come November and I’m pretty stoked about it. Seeing the baby for the first time and finding out what it is instantly made me want to change. Mishawaka (South Bend) IN born and raised. Just like others on the list I too was a college athlete and I am a banker. I’ve gotten fat but I am doing what I can with what I got and living the dream.  


AJ Tate- Pest Control

AJ kills bugs for a living and drives around in a company van all day. This guy has the best/craziest ideas about the most random stuff. He has 3 girls which is just unreal. AJ has an uncanny ability to find 4 leaf clovers and he sticks them inside his bat. He loves his Bud Light and Grizzly chew as well. Just a common man that drives a great looking Ford Ranger.