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Written by Brian Lewis   
Friday, 10 June 2016 00:00

It’s about that time again folks…. NWLA time! Every year the National Wiffleball League Association hosts a national tournament for some of the best wiffleball leagues in the country. The KWL has appeared in the tournament the past 4 years and we are hopeful to make a much better showing this year.  In 2015 the Keggers performed very well in the Regional round and the pool play of the National tournament.  However they got a terrible draw in elimination play and went up against two of the toughest pitchers in the country.  Both Mike Hogan and Jordan Buckallew threw well in those games but the good guys didn't come out on top and thus the KWL was eliminated earlier than anyone expected. 

For 2016 Wiffle in Southeast Michigan is hosting the Regional Tournament.  On Saturday, June 11th, the Keggers will be in Morenci to take on 5 other leagues from around the midwest to see if they can secure a spot on the national stage.

Updates will be provided throughout the weekend to detail the progress of the Keggers.

Here is the 2016 Regional roster for your KWL Keggers.




Mike Hogan- Wiff This

-This will be Hogan’s 3nd appearance in a NWLA tournament. “Death Stare” brings both a cannon for an arm at the mound and an active bat at the plate as well. Hogan is asking for additional starts during the tournament so teams should expect to see him frequently.


Tyler Houser- Special K's

-Tyler Houser is a KWL rookie and protege of Mike Hogan. Tyler's pitching style is similar to Hogan's and the Kegger's are planning to use Houser as a closer should a pitcher need relief.  Kegger's manager Josh Rhoton is also planning to use the rookie on defense for several games during the Regional. 

David Ayres- Scared Hitless

-This will be Ayres 5th year playing in a NWLA tournament….which is all of them! Ayres is a veteran to the national tournament and brings the knowledge needed to perform in the regional tournament that he can share with a couple of the newbs. A straight shooter both on the mound and with his words, Dave will be a valuable piece to the Keggers this year. 


Kevin Marzselak- Friars

-Kevin was a member of the first KWL Ace’s team that played in the inaugural NWLA tourney and he is now back for more. His uncanny ability to pick up tips from pitchers will greatly help the Keggers and will lead to more runs. This Chicago boy is an all-time great in the KWL and we are thrilled to have him back on the Regional squad.  Marszalek is a coach on and off the field.  His motivation skills will be vital if the Kegger's hope to


Justin Gregory- PF Flyers

-Justin is another player new to the NWLA events but he is a veteran of the KWL and has established himself as a respected player. Justin brings a feisty left handed bat to the roster that can get down the line quickly. With NWLA rules that is a must!  An all-around good guy that will bring a little extra energy to the KWL roster! Morenci teams should expect to see him on the mound at least once.


AJ Tate- Friars

-Another All-Time KWL great that will be making his second appearance in a NWLA tournament. Tate brings one of the best pitching arms a wiffler has ever seen to the roster! Another great dude that will keep the team loose during the tough 5 game Morenci schedule.  Opposing teams should watch for Tate to wander over to their bench to share random stories.


Bryce Bodtke- Agree Balls

-Bryce is the youngest player on the 2016 Regional roster for the Keggers. Rhoton and Marszalek are hoping to keep the team fresh with some of the KWL's new talent. Bodtke brings athleticism to the squad along with a strong arm and good bat.  His pitching style is different from the other KWL players so this should allow for better strategic match ups against regional opponents.


Josh Rhoton- Diablos

-This will be Rhoton’s fourth consecutive year in a NWLA tournament. The dude goes to hit, play defense and drink beer and that is normally all. Rhoton along with Kevin Marszalek will be making all the on field decisions for the Keggers.  Josh has told many KWL players that if their team doesn't perform better in 2016 they won't return for a 2017 appearance in the NWLA event.  Time will tell if this motivates his players or simply add too much pressure for the Keggers to handle.

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