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Written by Brian Meyers   
Sunday, 01 November 2009 05:00


For Immediate Release

AFTER YEARS OF WIFFLE FAME JACQUES RIMMIER HAS LIVED ON THE STREETS AFTER ATTEMPTING TO BRING HIS GAME TO THE USA. Rimmier holds nearly every France wiffleball record after 8 magical seasons as a member the Crème in Le Havre, France.  But after years of disappointment by the lack of competition, Jacques fled France to try to make a name for himself in America. 

After arriving in the US, Jacques spent many months on the streets of New York City, as he pan-handled for change; eating small amounts of rations so he could spend his remaining money on wiffleballs and bats.  When there would be no money, he would often skewer the local neighborhoods and steal wiffle products from family’s back yards.

Rimmier eventually found his way to Kalamazoo Michigan after hearing rumor of a wiffleball league that began and was looking for players.  He arrived in early 2007, but was unable to secure a team for that year.  Jacques’s glimmer seemed to have returned as he penned many articles through 2007, but little did Jacques know that the days ahead appeared darker then the years before!

Jacques Rimmier was always known for his flare and his “sexy”, however a winter trip to Mexico City, Mexico with Mike Raber turned into a giant cloud over his fabulous career-- accused of violating KWL Conduct Rule 19. The Rule states that no one associated with wiffleball shall ever disgrace the game. The punishment is no less than a permanent barring from wiffleball and exclusion from the Hall of Fame.

But he refuses to let this be the end!  Jacques Rimmier fights to regain his legacy.

My Prison, Without Balls is Jacques Rimmiers full accounting of his life.  No one thinks he’s perfect, but many think he is sexy.  He has made mistakes and he is finally ready to admit them.
To place orders for the book, contact:
Palmer Publishers, Inc.
PO Box 3678
Coloma Mi 49038
Toll-free: (800)854-9156
Phone & Fax: (828) 806-3993
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