Team Manager:
Name: Daryl Hutson

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B. Meyers D. Hutson P.Burnell Z. Adams L.Miller C.Hayes
Scouting Report

The Good:
The league’s first franchise and only team still remaining from the inaugural 2006 season. The Indies are a constant force at the top of the KWL, amassing 120 wins, 1 championship and 7 final four appearances! The KWL's Original Gangsters write their names into the playoffs with a heavy black Marks-a-lot! The team has always been assembled around Brian Meyers and this year's cast of characters appears to be his best supporting cast since the early years in 2006/07.

The Bad:
The Indies are known for their very aggressive style; taking chances for extra bases and swinging freely at the plate. Often the refusal to take walks keeps run scoring low, forcing them to win with pitching and timely hitting.

The Ugly:
The team mantra is: "Scoring just enough, unless it's not enough!" These guys tend to play up or down to the competition and are always playing in close, down the wire games. This style of play has bit them in the ass on more than one occasion!

The F-ugly:
They still boast of their 2006 Championship, but that season was their last trip to the Township Series! Every year they fall into the final 4, but never any further! Can you spell C-H-O-K-E?

Franchise History
Year Founded: 2006
All-time Record:
120-52, .698 win%
Playoff Record: 22-20, .523 win%
Division Titles: 3; '06, '08, '10, '11
Championships: 1; '06
Playoff Berths: 7
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American North W L
Friars 20 9
PF Flyers 19 10
Wiff This 18 11
Shanghai Chuckers 16 13
Special K's 14 15
The Sandlot 11 18
Angry Balls 8 21
National North W L
Glory Days 7 24 5
Diablos 17 12
The Scared Hitless 17 12
Growlers 16 13
Ice Cold Pitchers 15 14
Graboids 6 23
Firebirds 2 27
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