Kentucky Waterfalls

Kentucky Waterfalls
Team Manager:
Name: Ryan Davis

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R.Davis B.Rockwell M.Fagerman K.Schaaf B.Rensch M.Smorch
Scouting Report

The Good:
Young, dumb and full of...Wins? These fine American good ol' boys have captured many teams attention in the wake of their winning record. Timely hitting, good pitching and some luck on defense helped this team hike to the top of the National League North in 2010 and will undoubtedly keep them there in 2011.

The Bad:
Trying to drop the reputation of low commitment, The Rensch Revival tour will be in full effect in 2011! This is not bad for the Waterfalls, but bad for any team that happens to catch Rensch on his day to pitch!

The Ugly:
On the offensive side of the game, the Waterfalls are minus a dynamic run producer. They rely on the collective working parts of the entire lineup. This will/can cause misfires if two or three guys are not carrying their portion of the load.

The F-Ugly:
Opponents are starting to coincide the loss to Rensch and putting their focus on the rest of the rotation. Davis, Gawd-Damn Smorch and Rockwell will undoubtedly be gunned for all season long!

Franchise History
Year Founded: 2010
All-time Record:
62-50, .554 win%
Playoff Record: 6-6, .500 win%
Division Titles: 1
Championships: 0
Playoff Berths: 2
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American North W L
Glory Days 19 9
Friars 18 10
Shanghai Chuckers 16 13
Underdogs 10 18
American South W L
Wiff This 17 11
PF Flyers 35 16 13
The Sandlot 15 13
Hauses and Bauses 9 19
National North W L
The Scared Hitless 19 22 6
Firebirds 16 12
Kentucky Waterfalls 14 14
Ice Cold Pitchers 4 24
National South W L
Diablos 3 25 3
Graboids 15 15
Lemons 0 0
5 Dollar Pitchers 10 18
Hall of Shamers 0 28
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