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Bats: R  Throws: R
Profile: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Contact Power Pitching Speed Defense Clutch Throws: Right Bats: Right 2nd Season Outlook: : If we made a pie chart of Rhoton's At Bats, the Hits side would be 50% full! This cat is only the third person in the history of the KWL that has ever hit over .500 during any season, which he accomplished in 2012! In that same season he took home ROY and the Yellow Slugger, catapulting him to franchise player status. Quite the contrast from nearly being cut before his career even started in 2011! Pitching/Fielding: Has started for find his spot on the mound, becoming a very serviceable pitcher. He's quick to make transitions and stepping up his pitching game is bound to happen! A sportscenter top 10 play just waiting to happen at any moment out in the field; it’s easy to tell who’s responsible for the dishes in his household, because his hands are Palmolive soft! Batting: The dude just hits. If it's not over the fence, it's a line drive. If it’s not a line drive he is beating out ground balls that sometimes don’t get out of the infield. This dude gets it done at the plate, simple as that. Walk up anthem: Get Lucky - Daft Punk Accomplishments: '12, '13 NL AllStar '12 NL Rookie of the Year '12 NL Yellow Slugger

Player Statistics for season:



League Leaders

Dan Meach 0.667
Bryan Jennings 0.623
Ryan Mergner 0.586
Lee VanStreain 0.538
Kurtis Marlowe 0.510
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