Jamey Detamore - Diablos

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Bats: R  Throws: R
Profile: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Contact Power Pitching Speed Defense Clutch Throws: Right Bats: Right 5th Season Outlook: If Hitler had a pick, Detamore would be his Eva Braun! This blonde haired beau has been impressing all since his first swing of the 2006 season. His veteran presence will be vital to the Diablos success. Pitching/Fielding: While on the extra piece of green stuff, he has been stellar at times and has also thrown some lobs that even Stevie Wonder could hit. He wisely pitches for strikes and allows his line-up to make plays in the field. When his cleats are planted in the out-regions, his team is good hands, comparable to All-State! Batting: He has a hot stick and not just in his jock, high in all major batting categories. He has come through big when his team has needed it. Near the top with his bat alone, but has a good attitude that the KWL is built upon. Accomplishments: '07, '08, '09 NL AllStar POTM: June 07'

Player Statistics for season:



League Leaders

Dan Meach 0.667
Bryan Jennings 0.623
Ryan Mergner 0.586
Lee VanStreain 0.538
Kurtis Marlowe 0.510
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