John Quardokus - Shanghai Chuckers

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Bats: R  Throws: R
Profile: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Contact Power Pitching Speed Defense Clutch Throws: Right Bats: Right 3rd Season Outlook: Amazingly, JQ actually brings his team from Shanghai on a weakly basis... on his back. He’s the heart and soul of his team, bringing the ferocity of a large, beautiful, wavy dragon each and every week. Pitching/Fielding: JQ toes the mound often for his team. His velocity doesn’t make batters crouch in fear, but the strikes remain hidden from plain sight, forcing frequent ground outs. (Hopefully everyone caught that reference). Batting: Big Daddy Quardokas erupted in a late-season surge last year to finish among the league leaders in power numbers. If he sees a pitch to hit, look for it to leave the yard quick, so don’t test him. Accomplishments: Chucker's Team Captain '08 AL FunStar '09 AL AllStar

Player Statistics for season:



League Leaders

Bryan Jennings 0.626
Ryan Mergner 0.622
Kurtis Marlowe 0.547
Lee VanStreain 0.541
Cooper Kudary 0.519
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