The Scared Hitless

The Scared Hitless
Team Manager:
Name: Brian Lewis

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B.Lewis A.Kuzmin M.Thomson R.Winfield D.Ayre M.Everett J.Whitfield
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The Good:
The good news is, they are actually not Hitless, unless you are counting Billboard Hits off their newest album "Good Boys Gone Bad". Now heading into their 4th season, Hitless has transformed into perennial contender! After losing to the Belly Itchers in the 11 playoffs, they pried open Lewis tight ass wallet and signed Mason Everett. Â A small price to pay to hoist the Mullany Cup in 2012!

The Bad:
After winning it all in 2012, Hitless has now inherited the proverbial target. Will they be up for that challenge?

The Ugly:
If things get a little chippy along the way, keep watch of your kids if Lewis has a bat in his hands. He clearing is trying to set a league record for IBT (intentional bat tosses)!

The F-ugly:
Where in the (insert your choice curse word here) is Ryan Winfield????
Franchise History Â
Year Founded: 2010
All-time Record:
76-38, .667 win%
Playoff Record: 15-7, .682 win%
Division Titles: 2
Championships: 2
Playoff Berths: 3
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